Who We Are

We areThe Producer of Great Biltong since 2016

The Herd Biltong was founded by a handsome chap named Jared Abrahamse (myself) and his gorgeous partner Olivia Barbato. Jared is a first generation Australian with a long ancestry of South African’s mainly based in Cape Town.

Jared had worked in commercial kitchens as a youngster but migrated careers in search of a larger wage, despite always having a profound passion and enthusiasm for the art of cooking. Olivia also shares this passion and has a keen eye for design and photography.

01Meaty Thoughts: Our Philosophy

We don’t just make biltong, we make art.

We believe in 3 things:

1. Quality meat yields a quality product.
2. Australian ingredients wherever possible.
3. Passion through our product to our customers.

02Method To Our Madness

Natural, Simple, and Australian.

In our biltong we use the following:

• Coriander seeds
• Black pepper
• Salt
• Vinegar
• Worcestershire sauce
• Dehydrated garlic
• Chilli flakes

That’s it. Plain and simple.
No nasties. No preservatives. No sugar.

03Tasty Practices

24hrs Fresh

We bag, chop then vacuum seal our biltong and droewors within 24hrs of coming out of our drying cabinet.

Vacuum Sealed

Vacuum sealing preserves the quality of the product.

No Silica Bags

No need for moisture/oxygen absorbing sachets which can deteriorate the flavour of biltong, and present an environmental hazard.

ExploreOur Story

Hung out to dry, but we made a meal of it.

Re-KindlingAfter many trips to South Africa and many attempts at finding the same quality biltong in Australia, in my early 30’s I (Jared) rekindled my love for hospitality and bought a small biltong machine, enough to yield a couple of kilos a week.
First SuccessAfter receiving very positive feedback from a select few samplers, one winters night we decided to test our luck and post a Facebook Marketplace advertisement with a few (in hindsight, absolutely shocking as seen below) images to see if anyone wanted to buy our leftover biltong.
AcknowledgementThis was the lightbulb moment, and thus - The Herd Biltong was born. It was quickly established there was a huge demand for quality biltong in Western Sydney. From making a couple of kilos, enough for our own consumption, The Herd quickly grew with the addition of commercial grade machinery and building relations with trusted suppliers.
ExpansionNot only do we fill the void in Western Sydney, but we have also branched out across the east coast of Australia and heading west with customers coming from Cairns, Adelaide and the Gold Coast to name a few.
Present DayWe're now proud to announce the future of one of Australia's fastest growing Biltong Empires. We invite you to join our culinary journey, where nothing will hold us down. Join the Herd!

The Flavours

We have 4 amazing flavours: chilli garlic, chilli salt, plain garlic, and original.

Meet theTongmaking Team

Being the best, means meating challenges with the right herd.

We've got a beef with the industry. There is a lot of below average biltong out there. We are here to change that. Jared ``TongLord`` Abrahamse

``Thanks for spending the time to meet the team, we can't wait to meat you! ``

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