How To Preserve Your Biltong

How ToPreserve Your Biltong

So you’ve got your biltong, stuffed ya face and have a bit left over? That last part is a rarity but this is how to preserve your biltong so it’s good for when want more later on.

Rule No.1Keep It Sealed

We don’t use any preservatives, so make sure you read this or you’ll end up with mouldy biltong.

Why Vacuum-Sealed?
The optimal way to keep your biltong fresh is vacuum sealing it. Eliminating oxygen means mould can't grow. We understand not everyone has a vacuum sealer, so keep reading.
Leftover Biltong?
We know that's a rare case scenario, but whatever you do not intend on consuming immediately, keep it in the vacuum-sealed bag and place it in the fridge.

Rule No.2No vacuum-sealer? We Have Paper.

Storing in paper bags is the next alternative to vacuum sealing.

Biltong In a Bag
Biltong can last up to 2 days in a paper bag in a cool/dry spot, and 4 days in the fridge.
Bag > Fridge
If kept in the fridge for too long it will begin to taste like the refrigerant gas used in the fridge. It is still OK to eat, but just tastes like fridge. If you like fridge, then do it.

Rule No.3Keep It Cool

The cooler, the better.

Short-Term Solution
Place your leftover biltong in a vacuum-sealed bag in your fridge. This will extend its life up to 2 months.
Long-Term Tactic
This is rare, but in case you need to preserve your biltong a bit longer than 2 months, place them in the freezer; this will last up to 1 year. It thaws out perfectly if left at room temperature for an hour afterwards.

A Few No-Nos

See mold? Don't eat.

We understand the couriers sometimes like to play footy with packages, which can lead to sometimes vacuum seal bursting. If this is the case we’ll send you a replacement – no question.

No Plastic. Ever.

Don’t leave biltong in plastic packaging, zip lock bags, or Tupperware. This will cause the meat quality to deteriorate from its original glory.

Get In Touch With Us.

Get in touch with your local meat dealer. We’ll give you that tasty fix.

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